PURWAKARTA. Mobil Juara Rumah Zakat, Wednesday (10/01/2018) morning came at SDN Purwakarta Kaligandu environment, Purwakarta urban village, Purwakarta sub-district, Cilegon. The child looks happy to see the arrival of the Mobil Juara and parked in the schoolyard. There are a variety of reading books, educational games, and educative videos of children.

The activity of the Mobil Juara at SDN Purwakarta opened with remarks from Mr. H. Mustaim S.Pd as the principal. In his speech, that can help children not to read late. “We thank the Mobil Juara who has helped the government program, and this means that children are all not late to read and the spirit of reading”.

The agenda continues with health counseling from the Mobil Juara team, the danger of worms being the topics delivered. Rides of educational games such as lego, congklak and coloring can be enjoyed by children after hearing storytelling from one of the team. Children can also borrow a reading book or watch an educational video in the Mobil Juara.

“This Wednesday, we visited SDN Purwakarta. The goal is to provide motivation to read to all students through the existing mobile library at Mobil Juara. Reading can train the performance of our brain because the process of reading using both the right brain and left brain function. In addition, familiarizing the reading can add a broad insight of a child then reading habits should be improved. One of them by presenting the fun rides in the Champion Car with packaging that appeals to children, “said Evi Yana Mobil Juara team in Cilegon region.

Everyday, Mobil Juara Cilegon Drive to schools and public places. As before had visited the TPA Rihdatul Qudsyiyah, Mushola Al-A’la, TBM Pasar Ilmu and present in some children’s events.


Newsroom / Yadi Mulyadi

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