RZ LDKO CilegonDEPOK. (4/11). Marwan Hadid Rabbani was the grantee of RZ scholarship program or it is commonly called as Anak Juara. His father has passed away since he was 4. He received scholarship assistance since he was in Elementary School.

Marwan gained many valuable lessons when he became the grantee of RZ. “I’ve experienced many valuable things in RZ such as directed to have a dream, having a great friends and mentor that always motivates me, and moral value,” he said.

Marwan said that his dream is studying abroad. His success story started when he was in Al-Hasan Boarding School, Pondok Gede. Graduated from it, Marwan had successfully memorized 3 juz of Holy Quran.

He continued his high school in Rumah Pendidikan Islam (Islamic Education House) and he added 1 more juz here. Considering his potential, Syekh Ahmad Al Misri, recommend him to join in Al-Azhar scholarship test.

His goal to study abroad was constrained because of political cases in Egypt. He waited for two years to make it come true. September 2014, he got information that the scholarship test was opened. From 40 people there are 20 people that passed the test and he is one of them.

Finally Marwan can realize his dream to study abroad. He has been accepted in Sharia Majors, Al-Azhar Unversity, Egypt. “I’d like to thank to RZ and the donors for the donation so I can finish my study from elementary school level to high school. I don’t forget also to thank to my friends and mentor that always motivate me to reach my dream,” Marwan said.***


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