LOMBOK. (20/09) About a month ago, Isnan decided to help earthquake victims in North Lombok. He left his hometown in East Lombok. In fact, one week before the earthquake that occurred in North Lombok, his house was damaged by the earthquake.

Currently, he is tasked with helping volunteers in supervising the temporary shelter construction project in the village of Menggala Kec Pemenang. For Isnan, North Lombok residents need more help compared to his situation.

His house in East Lombok, only suffered minor damage. For that reason, he decided to help residents here.

“My house in East Lombok was not severely damaged, only limited to cracks. I decided to go to North Lombok to help people here. “He said.

His presence in North Lombok was accompanied by his two children. Eca, a college student is helping her father in recording the number of items used in the construction of the Shelter. While his brother, helped prepare food for volunteers who built temporary shelters.

“I feel concerned about the condition of the people here. Incidentally, the lecture period will only begin on October 1, so I fill the time off to help people here. ”Eca explained.

Eca’s friends almost did not believe that she was in North Lombok because for them, being in the center of an earthquake is the same as ‘looking for death’. In fact, of the 20 East Lombok residents invited by Isnan to build a shelter, only 7 people were willing to follow him. But Isnan’s condition and his two daughters here are fine. There is nothing to worry about them.

Isnan added that, it is estimated that the construction of the shelter will be completed within the next two weeks. “Meanwhile, the number of shelter that has been inhabited is 56. The target for the construction of shelters in the region is as much as 100-125 shelter. Insya Allah, the production will be completed in the next 2 weeks, “said Isnan.


Eti / Lailatul Istikhomah

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