SURABAYA (11/10). Wednesday afternoon routine training of Care For Teens at MTsN Surabaya 1 takes the theme “Know more the Importance of Handwashing for Life “brought by Ilham Akbar, PIC Care For Teens Surabaya.

Activities starting from 15.30 WIB until 17.00 WIB followed by high enthusiasm by the participants coaching. Activity begins with ashar congregational prayer, then followed by explanation to appropriate hand washing, and ends with the concept of a health promotion can be done in school environment related to washing hand.

“The word washing hands for some people is not new especially for the students of UKS cadres at MTsN Surabaya 1. But the biggest question is how to wash our hands?. Well that’s what we emphasize in coaching this time,” Said Ilham, Ilham also explained that hand washing is an activity to clean hands with soap and running water. Parts of hands to be cleaned consist of front and back of hands, between fingers, knuckles, fingernails, thumbs, and wrists.

Hand washing is done when we will start any activity especially those that use the hands and when the activity is already ends. Hand washing works to maintain cleanliness our hands from bacteria and germs. Everyone is obliged wash hands from women, men, old and young. Washing hands is normally done in the bathroom, washbasin, and others.

“The material is remarkable, we can understand that part of the hand must be washed with fun and singing. Thank you Care For Teens Surabaya, “said Putri, 7th grade student of MTsN 1 Surabaya.

Newsroom/ Nurul Rahayu


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