KUNINGAN. Saturday (15/09), Bank Trash is one of the Senyum Lestari Program from Rumah Zakat that applied in Berdaya Cipondok Village, Cibingbin, Kuningan.

According to Mayasyaroh, Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat, The existence of Bank Trash is initially considered a strange thing. If it used to be the custom of the community in this village if it has enough waste to be exchanged for cooking oil, or salt to waste collector. but now the waste can be saved and can make money.

After two years running, finally, people realize the importance of the existence of waste bank, Mrs. Sarni (61 yrs) “Before there was a waste bank I used to exchange waste junk with cooking oil to a trash collector, but after a waste bank I junk waste here, I can stall my capital, ”

Bank Sampah Mandiri, located in Kampung Sidaharja precisely Dusun I, RT 04 / RW 01, Cipondok-Cibingbin Village. The saving mechanism in this Garbage Bank, the member directs the merchant’s waste directly to the Trash Bank, then weigh it in and put it into a savings account, for waste, for savings members can pick it up after three months or after saving quite a lot.

According to Mrs. Kurnia (48 yrs), the daily manager of Bank Sampah “Alhamdulillah, now many people are moved to save in waste bank, the schools in Cipondok also save their waste here, even there is member from Sukaharja Village too, maybe because the new waste bank there In Cipondok alone, I am very grateful that my village was chosen to be the Rumah Zakat’s Empowered Village, “he said.



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