MOBIL KLINIK PT. TOWER BERSAMA GROUP JANGKAU PELOSOK DESA DI BREBESBREBES. (07/28) PT TBIG (Tower Bersama Infrastructure Group) took RZ in extending CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to the community in Bantarkawung village, Bantarkawung district, Brebes. CSR given PT by TBIG to the public is in the form of free medical services, namely ” Aksi Bangun Sehat Bersama “.

Bantarkawung village is a village located at the southern tip of Brebes district which has a beautiful atmosphere because it is located in the foothills of the Mount Slamet. The village located in remote area and so far from government center that is approximately 67 Km or around 2 hours.

In this region there’s also rice fields and farmland widespread along the road to the village hall (Location for the action). In general Bantarkawung villagers are farmers and traders.

As for complaints of public health in general is uric acid and hypertension. Through Monik (Mobile Clinic) program TBIG is expected to contribute positively to the health and medical services.

The event with its service consists of: blood tension check, general examination, ultrasound for pregnant women, investigations in the form of a check lab (blood sugar check, gout check, cholesterol check), and the provision of Supplementary food (PMT) and health education theme of ‘dengue’ presented by Dr. Agung.

Public enthusiasm for this activity is so great that the number of beneficiaries reached 212 people. In this event also attended by the representative of PT TBIG, Mr Fahmi, who said that the activity is very great and hopefully this activity can be carried out regularly in Bantarkawung village.

“Through the free treatment, I would like to thank TBIG and hopefully this activity can be carried out again in our village,” said Bantarkawung village secretary. This event was held in the village hall located in a radius of 50 m of distance towers owned by PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Group.

Newsroom/Putri Mariana Sari

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