moju-adira-insurance-hadirkan-keceriaanCILEGON. On Sunday (10/30) Adira Insurance – RZ Mobile Library Car visited Periuk village Nyikambang subdistrict Jombang district, Cilegon Jombang, although only the activity located in the mosque, it did not diminish the joy of the children to stay close to the mosque with the various activities of Adira’s library car. Even one of the cadres of Islamic study groups in the region are expecting this activity can be routinely implemented there.

“Thank you so much for sharing knowledge here. Hopefully it can regularly visit these informal gatherings, hopefully the libaray car can visit us once a week “said Mrs. Nipon look forward to Moju team.

At that time the children are served a fairy tale about the story of King Solomon and the young man devoted to parents by the PIC Moju, Kak Iroh. Then activities continue with playing puzzle, lego, congklak, meanwhile toddler followed the coloring contest. They are incredibly enthusiastic to follow every activity.

In addition, there are also some children who attend computer training activities on the application of Ms. Word. Turn out that children are still not aware of this application. only 15 minutes of children enjoyed the game. Without leaving the importance of reading, the children choose the books they like.

“Alhamdulillah I’m glad to read this book, thanks Adira mobile library,” said Alya, the child who looked seriously reading.


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