MOJU ADIRA INSURANCE - RZ BERBAGI KECERIAAN BERSAMA SAY SERANGCILEGON SAY (Orphan’s Smile) once again invited Adira Insurance – RZ’s mobile library car or familiarly called Champion Car (Moju). This time yayasan SAY chapter located in Jami ‘Al-Ikhlas mosque at Jl KH. Abdul Kabier Tunjung Teja village Serang regency. to travel to the location takes two hours.

Arriving at the location, the children had already gathered awaiting Moju team, there Moju team provides various competitions for children SAY like congklak contest, coloring contest and also race hulahoop.

In addition to the race, there is also some junior high students joined internet training guided by Moju admin. Children who do not want to follow the race and Internet training, they can follow the activities of the fairy tale delivered by the PIC Moju.

Prior to the distribution of compensation by SAY, children were happy to watch educational films. The athmosphere become more festive when the volunteer distributed prizes for the race.

Haerul, chairman of the board SAY Serang said, “I am very happy that RZ Moju can stop by and fill in our event, there were many lessons given to children. Thank you.”

“I’ll call for the next cooperation, please come back …” Said Haerul.

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