moju-adira-tanamkan-budaya-literasi-pada-anakCILEGON. Literacy is very important culture to be introduced in society especially in the outlying villages. For that TBM (Community Reading Park) Darul Muttaqin present in the community along with Adira – RZ mobile library car in Kedung RT 02/04 Gedong Dalem subdistrict, Jombang district, Cilegon on Wednesday (04/01).


Activity of Adira – RZ Mobile ;ibrary car or commonly called Juara Car (Moju) Adira preceded by remarks from Iroh Basiroh as the initiator of TBM Darul Muttaqin who revealed, “Cultural Literacy need to be introduced to children early so that when they grown-up they have the design of development for the nation ”

Moju Adira, RKI (Rumah Keluarga Indonesia) and FTBM Cilegon (Forum of Reading park community) support the introduction activity to the children around.


” Alhamdulillah, in this environment there Reading Park for children can read as they want and hopefully the launching of Reading park we can also cooperate with RKI and Adira-RZ mobile library car in any event and the first revelation which Allah revealed to the Prophet Muhammad that Iqro “Read”.  So said M. Asro Mulyono as chairman of RKI in his speech.


As for the various series of interesting events in the event are reading books, educational games, computer training, watch educational movies, and share a door prize to encourage children who attend the event. Even the supplementary food is supported by RKI.


“I’m glad it turned out in this majelis was established Reading Park so there is a book that I can read. Can Read Al-Quran can also read the book. “Hikmat said one of the students in TBM Darul Muttaqin.

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