CILACAP. Thursday (11/01) a group of young mothers attended Momtrepreneur School led by Asih as the Facilitator of Mujur Empowered Village, Kroya District, Cilacap Regency. Momtrepeneur school activities consist of 12 people and carry out its activity in the first week of the month.

Many positive activities every month and the theme is always change, as for activities that have been held is how to make various craft, culinary, to tips and tricks for a housewife.

“Momtrepeneur event aims as a forum for friendship and adds agility and insight into entrepreneurship for the young mothers” said Asih.

She also hopes Momtrepeneur can motivate women to be a smart mother to manage the household, family finances, and can earn even while caring for children at home.

On the occasion of Thursday (11/01), Asih delivered a theme of “The Nine Golden Habits” covering the Prayer Habits, Fasting Habits, Zakah, infaq and shadaqah (ZIS), reading habits of the Quran, Book-reading habits, habit seek Islamic knowledge and being among pious people, doing good deeds and giving benefit to others and positive thinking habits and always smiling.

The participants are always enthusiastic to follow the activity after activity, because the activity is flexible, not too formal occasionally the participants laugh while sharing experiences around the about household.

Newsroom / Dani Suhardi


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