CIWANDAN. Industrial city, that’s what we often hear about Cilegon, so many people in droves to work as factory workers or become an employee there. Especially in Ciwandan region whose territory is filled with industrial buildings. But not all Cilegon people can work as factory workers or Employees, because of inhibited skill factor and age.

Today Relawan Inspirasi Kepuh, Fauzul Umam held community empowerment activities again on Sunday (23/07) called Senyum Mandiri program of Farmer Women Community (Komunitas Tani Wanita), in Ciwandan, Kepuh district, Ciwandan, Cilegon city.

“The purpose of this Senyum Mandiri program is Farmer Women Community (KWT) is to add people’s positive activities so that people can be helped in terms of economic needs in the family, especially we are empowering people who do not have daily activities.” Said Fauzul Umam.

“The plan, the land we are working on is used for cultivation of green cucumber and lentils.” He added.

Mr. Salim, one of the people of Desa Kepaan Village stated, “Thank you very much to Rumah Zakat because it has helped us in utilizing the existing land, hopefully this program can help the economy in our family.”


Newsroom / Wanda Yulianto


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