BEKASI. Saturday (11/08) the Nutrition Garden of the Zakat House for Cesin plants in Bang Umar plantation located at RT05 / 02 Kp Kaliulu, Tanjungsari, Cikarang Utara, Bekasi, has entered its first harvest.

Village Secretary of Tanjungsari, Rojali, Field Extension Officers (PPL) of Bekasi Regency, Ima and Self-Help Agriculture Agencies (PPS) of Bekasi Regency, Syamsuri, also present, witnessed the inaugural harvest which took place on Saturday (08/08) afternoon.

From 2 plots of planting area produced no less than 40 Kg of fresh vegetables ready for sale. According to Umar, this initial harvest was considered unsuccessful, the growth of cesine was hampered due to pests.

“This includes not really success, because there are pests, so the growth of vegetables is less than optimal,” said Umar.

Pest adventure for the next planting period has been prepared in anticipation of watering the land using tobacco leaves, as directed by PPS and PPL.

“We recommend using natural ingredients, using vegetable pesticides with tobacco leaves,” the message from Mrs. Ima from PPL Kab. Bekasi.

Rumah Zakat’s Nutrition Garden in RT05 / 02 will be used as a central result of the cesin garden, for the sale of Bang Umar, he admitted that there were no difficulties, because there were many residents in the vicinity who needed vegetables, chicken noodle makers and there were also cesin builders.


Khan / Lailatul Istikhomah

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