JAKARTA. Sunday (07/30), SD Juara Jakarta Timur, the school under Rumah Zakat guidance participated in tahfidz pildacil and pantomime competition in Got Talent Show Competition event held by Mall Cibubur Junction, Jakarta.

Like the name of the activity, Got Talent Show Competition contest a variety of talent performances of participants in great Jakarta, as for the purpose of holding Got Talent Show Competition is to appreciate the talents of youth, to minimize the use of gadgets at this time. Therefore SD Juara Jakarta Timur sent the best participants to compete with the talent they have.

Eca, Miranda and Reyhana 4th and 5th grade students compete with their tahfidz talent, while Nailah 4th grade compete in pildacil, then Farhan, Zaenal, Ihsan, Yudha, Sella and Cheche compete with  their pantomime talent.

The performance of all the participants is very good and prestigious, but it does not dampen the spirit of students to compete even with a very short exercise. “Alhamdulilah, the effort reap results, Not in vain children practice pantomime for 2 days, finally they win as a favorite winner” Revealed elementary school teacher, Fitri who accompany the students.

Cheers when crowned as the favorite Champion revealed by Yudha “I am really happy, can win, get a trophy and the first time also participated pantomime competition,” Yudha said happily.

Not only that the performance of pantomime brought by Yudha also reap positive praise from the organizing committee ” the Pantomim performance is good, it was expressive, and the stories easily understood by others,” said Gerda as organizing committee.

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