peduli-lingkungan-hidup-pt-pertamina-persero-tanam-10-000-mangroveMEDAN.Tuesday (11/22), one of RZ partner, PT. Pertamina (Persero) Terminal BBM Medan Group launched 10,000 Mangrove Planting in VI area, Nelayan Indah village Medan Labuhan district, Medan.

Departing from PT Pertamina concern to environmental conditions, and empower farmers mangrove, PT Pertamina took the initiative to plant mangrove in estuary located in Nelayan Indah area , Medan. PT Pertamina realizes that mangrove planting is very important given the mangrove forest ecosystems in coastal areas are threatened with extinction which will accelerate the process of coastal erosion in the next few years, the shoreline will be quickly shifted to landward, besides mangrove also has many benefits including preventing sea water intrusion, preventing erosion and abrasion, as a deterrent and a natural filter, as a place to live and food source for several species.

The launching activity attended by Budi Syahputra, RZ Medan’s Branch Manager, Yardinal, PT Pertamina’s Operation Head, Adnan Syahreza Head of the Environmental affair of Medan, and Herbert Aritonga Natural Resource Conservation Center of North Sumatra Province.

Adnan Syahreza in his speech appreciated the activity, “Thanks a lot to PT Pertamina and RZ which has been concerned about the environment around Nelayan Indah Village, thank you for helping government to participate in environmental preservation.

Budi Syahputra, also welcomes the cooperation with PT Pertamina “We Welcome well the cooperation with PT Pertamina, alhamdulilah by launching 10,000 Mangroves, it also empowers mangrove farmers around Medan”

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