PENGUMUMAN KELULUSAN DAN NILAI UN SMP JUARA BANDUNG The announcement of national examination results 2016 in SMP Juara Bandung was held in the hall of the 3rd floor of the school building on Saturday (06/11) at 14:00 pm, the announcement of national examination 2016 has been implemented. About 49 students graduated from SMP Juara Bandung (under RZ guidance) and some parents attended the event.

On the occasion also given awards to students with the highest grades, namely to Fuad Khoirul Umam with a total value of 334.5, To students who obtain the best value in each subject also given awards.

These activities are guided by Mrs. Nunung as Vice Principal of Curriculum. Previously was held the distribution of Eid Gift for orphans (KLY) from RZ donators to all students graduate from SMP Juara Bandung, The package is given symbolically by Mr Wahyudi as Vice Principal of Student affair.

In his speech, Pa Jadon Sudarsa as Principal of SMP Juara Bandung hope the students continue to improve their performance, not easily satisfied or despair after receiving the results of final exam 2016. Meanwhile pa Andi Widodo as the representative of parents expressed thanks and appreciation to Rumah Zakat, donators, school principal and teachers, and staff of SMP Juara Bandung who has tried to educate their sons and daughters.

Starting the above activities, has also conducted debriefing for students of SMP Juara Bandung Kang Deri Bandung from school Rohis activists about excel Muslim and shared the experience of alumnus of SMP juara Bandung about the tips – tips in senior high school.

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