WONOSOBO. In 2015, the Empowered Village Facilitator with the youths village inaugurated a Local Library which was named Local Library Al Azzam. At that time, the establishment of Local Library is a good energy for our village which at that time did not have a village library.

Alhamdulillah many positive responses from villagers and communities outside the village with the establishment of Local Library Al Azzam. Even many residents also help provide bookshelves as well as reading books, and some money for the development of reading houses.

As time goes by, the ups and downs of the management of Rumah Baca also occur, until Rumah Baca must move to facilitate the management. However, it has not yet provided a direction for improvement.

In early 2018, several facilities and books at Rumah Baca Al Azzam were added to the stimulus program from Rumah Zakat.

Besides Rumah Baca Al Azzam also coordinate with the Wonosobo Regional Library. Rumah Baca Al Azzam is advised to transform from Rumah Baca to Village Library. So came the name of the village library Berdaya Somogede “Inspirasi Indonesia”.

Children are also increasingly eager to visit the village library. “Glad, because it can read various books”, said Deni, one of the visitors.

“Hopefully this library will be a storehouse of inspiration for children, youth, and society, in general, to make Indonesia better in the future,” concluded the Facilitator.

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