PETANI CISADAN TERLIBAT KONFLIK, RUMAH ZAKAT BERI BANTUANJAKARTA.  As a form of concern for the farmers of Cisadang Wanajaya Telukjambe West Village – Karawang which is currently in Jakarta to call for help of the central government to resolve the dispute with PT. Pertiwi Lestari. Rumah Zakat through the National Volunteer Committee (KRN) has been delivering aid in the form of corned SuperQurban, blankets, mattresses, shoes, and clothes to residents on Monday, March 20, 2017 at Al Istiqomah mosque Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur 57 RT.5 RW.9 Kebon Melati, Jakarta Pusat.


Residents who currently is in conflict with PT. Pertiwi Lestari is located in Jakarta since March 16, 2017 and went straight to the Presidential Palace to ask the help of the central government solve their problems with the company, as long as they are placed in Jakarta Masjid Al Istiqomah coordinated by Pemuda Muhammadiyah.


Residents who stay in the mosque consisted of 128 adults, 39 elderly, 32 children and 13 toddlers.

The information section of Pemuda Muhammadiyah Mrs. Yanti recommended those who want to help the people while in Jakarta able to prioritize the needs of children, and help the mattress provided by Rumah Zakat will take precedence for the children.


“Thank you for your help, we are grateful for the help given,” said Mrs. Rum citizens residing there.


Until now, residents are still in Masjid Al Istiqomah and hoping for help from the government to immediately return home.


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