GARUT. Various programs of Rumah Zakat are rolled out in order to provide benefits for others as well as the activities of friendship and socialization program of PKK Depok Movement Team in Depok thatinitiated by facilitator of Rumah Zakat on (19/09).

The event was held at the Village Hall of Depok, Pakenjeng Sub-district, Garut Regency that was attended by the deputy chairman of TP PKK Kec. Pakenjeng, Depok Village Head, and the entire staff of PKK Depok Village. This is the first meeting, after the election of the new Village Head who was inaugurated in June 2017 ago. Participants in attendance consisted of the wife of Chairman of RW and Chairman of RT in Ds. Depok.

In his speech, Depok village chief greatly appreciated the event. “With this event, hopefully it will be a good start, hopefully the PKK will be more advanced and more beneficial by the community”, said Setiawan, as Depok Village Head. On the occasion, he said, he will donate some of his land to PKK Kebun. In addition, for the budget of 2018, he is committed to allocate funds for PKK activities, including the land used yard program.

After the speech, the event continued with the delivery of material on Overview and exposure of PKK program in Depok Village, presented by the Chairman of TP PKK Ds. Depok. Before delivering the material, he expressed his gratitude to Rumah Zakat, who has initiated this activity. While the second material delivered by the facilitator of Rumah Zakat, Zamiludin Akhmad is about the Management of Household Waste and Land Used yard.

In the same place Chairman of TP PKK Ds. Depok, said that follow up of this activity will be held in each RW coaching. For the guidance, PKK Ds. Depok is ready to cooperate with facilitator of Rumah Zakat.



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