polisi-cilik-ini-antusias-kedatangan-moju-adira-cilegonCILEGON. Adira and RZ Mobile library car on Wednesday (11/09) visited TKN Perintis in Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 76 Cibeber, subdistrict, Cibeber district, Cilegon. TKN Perintis located next to UPTD office Cibeber and also to SDN Cibeber.

TKN Perintis has 6 teachers and 51 students. The school wide playing ground, but Mobile library car could not enter the school ground because of the narrow gate. Although cars could not enter, it did not diminish the joy of children.

On the occasion, starters activities for children including play while learning, coloring contest, lego, blocks and puzzles. “I’m happy just now read book with elephant picture on its cover.” Said Baim innocently in front of his friends

The activities ended with storytelling about “Maintaining Healthy Teeth” and educational films titled “How to memorize Alphabet”. Children are more enthusiastically listened to educational film to the end.

Did not stop there, the excitement was still ongoing activities until the end of the event in which the mobile library team distributed various gifts and door prizes for students who are active and win in the race.

Newsroom/Iroh Basiroh

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