POSYANDU BMM TELKOM SUMATERA - RZ HADIRKAN MANFAAT DI MEDAN DENAI MEDAN. As a form of concern for health sector, RZ is active in promoting health service ”Siaga Sehat” program at various places by cooperating with partners who have the same vision. In such cases one of which RZ cooperate with BMMTs (Baitul Maal Muttaqin Telkom Sumatra).

As on date (05/29) RZ with BMMTs held”Siaga Sehat” program in Posyandu, there are several programs that will be developed in the target area, one of them is ”Siaga Sehat”. in the event there are quite a lot of beneficiaries, as many as 68 people include mothers and infants. In addition, the massive socialization needed to inform health empowerment activities, to further extend the benefits of these activities

RZ – BMMTs health service this time located in ICD Medan Denai Jl. Bromo Lingkungan III Gang Morning Mandala III Medan Denai. The program implemented in April this is IHC coaching, maternity class, Ultrasound and mother class.

BMMTS Posyandu cadre training activities in the period from April 2016 was conducted in two locations one of them is in the house of posyandu cadre and in the ICD Medan Denai. The material of the training is about the understanding of posyandu and explanation of 5 tables system, as well as about the task of cadres before, during, and after the H posyandu. The material was delivered by Ms. Yuliatil Adawiyah HRP, S, Kep.
“I am happy to come to Posyandu, so other than to monitor the development and growth of children, I can also check my pregnancy. Thanks BMM Telkom Sumatera and RZ.” Said Nuriati (34).

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