PROGRAM RAMAH LANSIA SAMBANGI KELURAHAN MACCINI DI MAKASSARMAKASSAR. One indicator of the success of health development in Indonesia is the increase of life expectancy. This indicator can be seen with the increasing of elderly population. In an effort to increase life expectancy, Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat Foundation as health partners Rumah Zakat synergize with Puskesmas Maccini rolled out Elderly Friendly program.

Wednesday (09/05) morning, Rumah Zakat together with Cita Sehat held the Elderly Friendly program in Maccini Village for the first time. The elderly were very enthusiastic to check their health. Activity began with registration, weighing, height measurement, blood pressure check and metabolic examination.

In addition to health screening facilities, there is health counseling on how to prevent the increase of blood sugar delivered by Nani Andhani, A.Md Kep. The material was selected based on research conducted by the implementing team that found that the average elderly blood sugar in the Maccini region reached 200.

“Alhamdulillah, this is my first time to follow a health check like this, it turns out my glucose level is high, so I have to check my glucose regularly. Thank you Rumah Zakat.” Hafsah (62) Said, one of the beneficiaries.

Although the Elderly Friendly program was first implemented, the interest and anticipation of the residents was very high, as many as 60 people attended the event. After examination and counseling, the activities were closed with supplementary food distribution in the form of porridge and dates.

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