PT HITACHI ASIA INDONESIA BERSAMA RZ GELAR AKSI SIAGA SEHAT DI 4 TITIKJAKARTA. PT Hitachi Asia Indonesia realized social concerns action through RZ in activities healthy standby action. This activity aims to improve public health in the target area with a promotive, preventive and curative approach.

Hitachi’s healthy standby action was done simultaneously on May 02 in 4 locations, including the Duri Kepa village Kebon Jeruk sub-district, West Jakarta Sub-District, Ciketing Udik District of Bantar Gebang Bekasi, Jl. Warung Jambu Bantar Jati district Bogor and Jl. Rawalini No. 12 Teluk Naga Tangerang. The activity is divided in 2 sessions, for Bogor and Tangerang the action conducted in the morning, and for Jakarta and Bekasi the action conducted in the afternoon.

The activity began with the opening by MC, then remark from Hitachi while providing an award plaque, a speech from RZ, health education and public health examination and provision of medicines as well as distribution of food supplement for toddlers.

This event was attended by Hitachi representative, Mr. Takuya Yamakawa as President Director, Ms. Yuki Takaoka as the General Manager, Mr. Abraham Widiyanto as the Human Capital Group Dept and Ms. Arin Kurniasari as HC Executive, and from RZ present Mr. Asep Nurdin as Chief Funding Officer, Mr Suhartono as Relationship Management Dept Head, and M. Majid Badaruddin as Relationship Management.

“Residents and local authorities in four locations welcomed this health action with good respose and they were enthusiastic in participating in the series of activities.” Asep Nurdin said.

“From the existing services, Hitachi’s healthy standby action is able to provide benefits to beneficiaries with a total of 481 people or 120% of the target beneficiaries.” he concluded.

Newsroom/Puri Mariana Sari

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