RZ LDKO CilegonMAKASSAR.The youths who are members of the RZ Makassar Volunteer carried out a gathering to exchange gifts and break fasting together together with amil RZ. This event is held for the third time at Rumah Zakat Makassar which is commonly carried out every three months.
On that occasion, the RZ volunteers started the gethering by breaking the fast (Ifthor) together with the amil RZ Makassar who carried out Monday-Thursday fasting on Monday (12/28/2015). “Unloved, unknown, when you love each other, exchanging gifts can strengthen your bond,” said Masyihuri, Korel RZ Makassar.

Excitement and humor occurs because no one knew each other gift. All the gifts were collected and numbered they started picking random numbers and from that number we can know which gift we could take, it was really exciting.

“Giving the gift to each other is sunnah of the Prophet. Hopefully with this, our ukhuwah (bond) getting stronger and blessed” added Masyihuri before closing event. ***

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