RELAWAN RZ PADANG SALURKAN SYIAR QURAN DI PADANG PADANG. (06/11), Volunteer of RZ Padang conducted the distribution of Syiar Quran (SQ) in Dawatul Muslim Mosque, Lubeg, Padang. Channeling is a distribution of the first week consisting of 15 packages of syiar Quran. This distribution coincides with the Distribution of iftar package (BBP) from Mandiri Daya Insani (MDI) consisting of 175 packets of rice box.

This activity opened by Moderator, then quran recitation, speeches from representatives of RZ Padang and mosque Administrators and also as the chairman of the virtual nature group, Mr. Edward.

“We would like to thank RZ Padang for having to share iftar packages and Giving 15 packages Qur’an. May Allah reward RZ Donators with more sustenance, Aamiin,” Said Mr. Edward in his opening speech.

Apart from that, Muhammad Kevin Ezria a student from TPA Dawatul Muslim Mosque was very happy when given the package Qur’an by Volunteer of RZ Padang.

“Thankyou for the Quran Package that given. I can only read Iqro, give the Quran for others. Hopefully in the future I can diligently read the iqro, especially after having new iqro.” said Kevin, one of the beneficiaries when asked by volunteers.

Kevin is now 6.5 years old, he is a diligent kid and have high spirits. Kevin has been a lot of memorized short surah, so that from the age of 5 years he has started following Tahfiz competition. His dream is becoming Hafiz Quran.

Apart from that, Aumara Bittaqwa also said the same thing, that she someday want to be a doctor who memorized Quran.



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