PEKANBARU. Maintaining Hygiene Hand is a very important thing that we can do to prevent the spread of germs and stay healthy. This morning (16/11) SMP Juara Pekanbaru was visited by Awal Bros Hospital to provide education about Hand washing technic.

The event that took place at 10:00 to 12:00 pm in the Hall of SMP Juara Pekanbaru was followed by all students of SMP Juara Pekanbaru. Twenty one (21) representative of Awal Bros Hospital consisting of Staff, Nurse, Doctor, and others come to SMP Juara Pekanbaru.

In its delivery, hand washing is based on the Directive of WHO (Word Health Organization). Some conditions where our hands should be clean before touching the patient, before eating, after dirty hands, and so on.

In this series is also conveyed how good hand washing techniques, which cover the entire surface of the hands, rub the palm of the hand, rub between the fingers, rub the back of the hand, rub the thumb in turn, and rub the finger nails rotate. Clean hands can use Handrop or water using Soap. If using the old Handrop wash process for 20-40 seconds while using soap and water regular for 40 – 60 seconds.

“I’m very happy for the educational program given to the children, and very useful, the future hope can continue to work together in our school” said Syahrul Fadillah, principal of SMP Juara Pekanbaru.

The event was also enlivened by giving prizes to Abiroh Mujahidah, Setyo Angger, Amelia, Sefia, Rozi, Kamandoko, M. Fauzil Adhim and Mr. Adi in their participation answered and active in the activities. The agenda closes also with ” Hand Washing Dancing”.


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