RUMAH ZAKAT AJAK SISWA BATASI PEMAKAIAN HANDPHONEMAKASSAR. In the current era of globalization, technological progress cannot be unstoppable again, especially mobile phone technology that has mushroomed everywhere. Not only used for adults, gadgets are now already loved by all circles, include children.

Behind the excitement of this favorite gadget, it is hidden the negative impact to health that is not realized by humans. Various studies have shown that cell phone radiation can disrupt some organs and system of the human body. The disorder is prone to occur at the age of the children, as some of the organs of the children are not yet in the growth process.

Seeing such a phenomenon, Rumah Zakat took action to make prevention efforts early so that children can reduce the intensity in playing mobile phones. This is done because the impact of radiation that occurs not only damage to the brain, but can trigger tumor growth.

Through the UKS (School Health Program) program, Thursday (05/04) Rumah zakat held counseling to the students of SD IT Cendekia Makassar. It aims to invite students to limit the use of mobile phones, a maximum of 2 hours per day. Not only given counseling, the activity that attended by 54 students also provided free milk.

“Actually, I often play games on mobile phone. after school and after isya prayer. Apparently I just found out that playing mobile phone too long is dangerous. Thanks for the information. ” Muh. Ivan Hardiyansyah (10 years) Said one of the students of SDIT Cendekia Makassar.

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