TERNATE. Rumah Zakat in cooperation with Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) distributes food packages for residents in Maitara Island, North Maluku. The package was delivered using Humanity Boat 02 which had just been launched by Rumah Zakat and AMCF.


Accompanied by representatives of North Maluku Government and Muhammadiyah, the assistance given directly by Rumah Zakat’s Chief Program Officer Noor Muhammad Yahya and Director of AMCF Ahmad Faisal Siregar to residents of Maitara Utara Village and Maitara Tengah in Maitara Island.


In addition to food packages, Rumah Zakat also distributed hundreds of cans of packaged meat, Superqurban for the villagers. Hundreds of Superqurban packaged meat aims to balance people’s nutrients.

“Because they are in the coastal area, they often eat fish and meat here is quite expensive,” said Noor Yahya to, Tuesday (25/7).

According to Noor Yahya, this Superqurban assistance plan will also be distributed in every voyage to the villages in North Maluku visited by the Humanitarian Boat 02. In addition to empowering the community, the program is expected to expand the Humanitarian Boat beneficiaries Superqurban.

Humanitarian action conducted by Rumah Zakat and AMCF received a positive response from the North Maluku Government. The Humanitarian Boat Program is considered to be able to support Indonesia’s Nawa Cita; building Indonesia from the edge by strengthening the regions and villages within the framework of the unitary state.

“Indonesia consists of 17 thousand islands and I think the government cannot work alone. In North Maluku alone there are about 1000 islands. With the Humanitarian Boat Program will certainly help,” said Deputy Governor of North Maluku, Muhammad Natsir Thaib.

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