KEDIRI. CSF Team of Rumah Zakat branch Kediri back to help the community in need. Icha (35 years old), the resident of Depok Village Panggul Regency trenggalek Regency that currently can only lie weakly in bed with a mat, Icha is diagnosed  with HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis less than 2 years ago and now has started to spread to members of her family. Not many treatments that can be done by the family. With a low economic level families are unable to go to health facilities for proper treatment finally, until this moment icha only able to lie weak in bed.

To help Icha and her family The CSF team moved towards Icha’s residence on Monday morning (09/07), it was not easy to be able to get to the location other than the winding terrain, the uphill road and the difficult access but this did not make the CSF team and volunteers become discouraged.

“Our trip was quite thrilling when we took Icha and family to the hospital, In addition to difficult terrain Ban Ambulan Tires broke out, Alhamdulilah there are people who help us. We don’t have a choice but to take patient to go down about 1 KM with simple equipment that is sarong and 2 bamboo stems and on the move to the van, “said Volunteer of Rumah Zakat, Endang Pertiwi.

Arriving at the Kediri District Hospital which has special facilities for handling people living with HIV, but the team faced with administrative problems because the patient did not have ID card.

“Alhamdulilah, administrative problems can be resolved Icha can have a proper treatment as a form of patient treatment and prevention for families and the environment,” added Fuad Fauzi, Public Health of Rumah Zakat.

Lailatul Istikhomah

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