2103 RUMAH ZAKAT CILEGON BANTU MODAL USAHA IBU SITI DAN IBU YAYUCILEGON, Thursday (16/03) In order to alleviate poverty in Indonesia, Rumah Zakat as an institution engaged empower people, in July 2017 has begun channeling Entrepreneurial Assistance for members assisted in the Integrated Community Development Citangkil Cilegon. In addition to self-employment assistance, the members also get assistance in running the business.

In March, Rumah Zakat Providing Assistance Business Capital To 2 Beneficiaries Ibu Siti Nurhayati, a trader Seblak and Yayu Rahayu, owner of Ice Winsome, two traders from villages Citangkil Cilegon get capital support respectively 600ribu rupiah, Delivery venture capital assistance implemented in Cilegon Zakat House’s Office, Thursday (16/03).

In addition to providing capital assistance to businesses was also given an understanding of entrepreneurship among them is how to service to consumers. According to Humaedi recognition as fasilisator empowerment Rumah Zakat Cilegon who met on the sidelines of the distribution of aid.

Humaedi added that besides a good service to their customers, employers also need to consider how the presentation of the product.

“I am very grateful to be a member auxiliaries RZ. Entrepreneurial assistance given very helpful to me in making a living for my family because my husband’s work is uncertain. I had to work hard to pay for my life and family. “Said Siti Nurhayati, Rumah Zakat Beneficiaries.

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