INDRAMAYU. Rumah Zakat and Indosat launched Empowered Village and Digital Corner in Tegolderung Village, Balongan sub-district, Indramayu, Sunday (20/08).

Empowered Village is a term of village community empowerment program by Rumah Zakat, through regular guidance and counseling activities that push towards the independence of the people. While Digital Corner is a hall that is used as a center of community empowerment activities, which is equipped with electronic devices and internet network for free, as a place of society to get access to information.

Attending the launching ceremony, KaCab Indosat Cirebon Alamsyah, Chairman of SKI Indosat West Java Aji, government from RT head to sub-district level which on the occasion was represented by Nurudin (staff of Balongan sub-district).

The event began with the opening and recitation of the Qur’an by Anis Fitriani one of participant of free tutoring Rumah Zakat and continued with remarks. “Welcome and thank to Rumah Zakat and Indosat who come to Tegolderung Village, hopefully with this program people can be more empowered,” said Nurudin representing Balongan sub-district head.

Alamsyah as KaCab Indosat Cirebon said that the empowered Village program is a program that can empower the community, by utilizing the digital corner of Indosat in the inspection center of Tegalurung Village, the Joint Enterprise Group (KUBE). So the community utilizes the digital corner facility for example for product sales through Online or search recipes and more.

Meanwhile, Aji chairman of SKI Indosat West Java explained about the benefits of Digital Corner program held in the village of Tegalurung, “Digital Corner is a place of citizens, especially young people to learn about digital science and the internet, how to sell online, create an online book that can be accessed by teachers Anytime and anywhere, and other useful information,” he explained.

After that the event continued with the official announcement by cutting the tumpeng and taking pictures together with all representatives from Rumah Zakat facilitator, Rumah Zakat representative, ZIS Indosat and the district.

The agenda was continued with cooking demonstration of pedesan entog which is a form of follow up of entog husbandry entrepreneurship program in Tegalurung Village. Peopel was very enthusiastic because Bu Erli from KUBE program builder was the one who did the demo. She is a professional chef in Indramayu.

“This pedesan entog can be developed again by making dried spices and meat wrapped separately so it can be sold out of town,” said Chairman of Indosat West Java further SKI.

Inauguration of inspiration hall marked by ribbon cutting with representatives from Rumah Zakat, ZIS Indosat, local government and chief of Balongan sector police.



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