MAKASSAR (12/16). Rumah Zakat Makassar together with ZIS Rohis Lintasarta opened a free circumcision registration for orphans and poor people. The activity starts at 6:45 a.m. by registering & weighing participants. At the time of registration the participants were immediately given snacks & gifts in the form of clothes.

The location of the Mass Circumcision is held in Berua Village, Biringkanaya Subdistrict, precisely at SMPIT-SMAIT AR RAHMAH. In the opening ceremony the event was attended by local RW chairman RW.07 Mr. H. Syahiruddun giving a speech. He expressed hope that such activities could be carried out again at other times, followed by remarks by the Makassar Public Health Salmiah Made, and finally the remarks by Laode Mahkota as a representative from Lintasarta. A total of 5 cross-border employees attended the event. The event was opened symbolically by giving gifts & money liked by Lintasarta accompanied by the chairman of the RW.07 & Public Health Makassar.

Before carrying out the circumcision process, a prayer reading is carried out by Battiar S.Pd. Then the children are directed to the medical room for circumcision. To reduce the fear of circumcision participants in the waiting room, a fairy tale was given by kak rini from the fairytale team around the Makassar library with the title Muhammad the brave.

The circumcision process is monitored to run smoothly using the cauter method. Some participants were down and wanted to step down because they were afraid when they were on the action table. But with hard work & explanation from the team, most of the children understood and wanted to be circumcised.

Ms. Fatmawati as Ananda Awal’s parents was very grateful because the team managed to persuade her child. Initially Ananda rebelled when he was going to circumcision, even when the anesthesia had been carried out her child fled from the room.

“Alhamdulillah, doctors and volunteers from Rumah Zakat were very patient in persuading my child, until finally they were circumcised.”


Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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