SUMUT. Flood disaster has hit Sei Lepan District, Langkat, North Sumatra on Tuesday (23/05) at 00.30 WIB. Flooding is caused by high rainfall, so that the river water discharge increases and river dyke levees along the 15 meters with the width of the dike 4 meters in Lama Baru village.


A total of 457 families were affected in four areas; in Lama Baru Village 156 units of houses affected with 498 residnts and water height in this region reaches 80-100 cm.


In Lama Village 155 units of affected houses, water level reaches 50-80 cm to soak the farm area of ​​120 Ha. Harapan baru village, 98 houses are affected by the number of souls 295 people, the water level reaches 50-100 cm and soak the farmland of 4 Ha. And Harapan Jaya village, as many as 48 units of impacted houses with water level reaches 30-80 cm and soaked 4 ha of farmland.


Access road to disaster location still covered by mud. There are no refugee camps because the displaced people are displaced to relatives or neighbors who are not affected by the flood.


Wednesday, (05/24) at 14.30 pm, Rumah Zakat fielded 4 volunteers to the disaster site to conduct assessment as well as the distribution of aid. The donated donations consist of 65 kg rice, 10 kg sugar, 5 boxes of mineral water, 48 kg of cooking oil, 25 packets of biscuits, sanitary napkins and baby diapers. All the assistance was directly handed over to Sel lepan head district head, Faisal Rizal Matondang. The urgent needs of people still need basic food and clean water


“I represent the citizens of Sei Lepan, Langkat, North Sumatera expressed much gratitude for the help given by Rumah Zakat. This assistance is very useful for us.” Faisal said.


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