SIKAKAP. (05/09), Empowered  Village Facilitator together with Posyandu cadres in Sikakap Village held posyandu activities for babies and children located in Havea Hamlet Sikakap village. This activity is routinely carried out every month in each hamlet of 13 hamlets in Sikakap village.

In addition to the Empowered Village Facilitators and Posyandu cadres, this activity was also attended by a team of health workers from Sikakap sub-district health centers. One of the activities carried outhealth workers from the health center are conducting checks for pregnant women and immunizations for toddlers who attend posyandu.

In this activity the Empowering Village Facilitator, Iswandi provided assistance in the form of Scales Tools to the Havea Village Cadre so that it could be used in every Posyandu activity in Havea hamlet. Not only had that Iswandi also given a supplement to Green Bean porridge in every Posyandu activity in eachhamlet with the aim of fulfilling nutrition for Sikakap village children.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat for providing assistance and contributions in Posyandu activities in Sikakap Village, May the donors be given the best reply by Allah SWT the Almighty God, “said Ibu Erna, a posyandu cadre.



Lailatul Istikhomah

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