RUMAH ZAKAT SUPPORT MODAL USAHA PELAKU UKMTANGSEL, Inspirasibangsa (28/02) – The distribution of entrepreneurial support including capital support and business assistance is part of Rumah Zakat’s program to keep empowering the SMEs in order to improve the living standards of beneficiaries.

On Tuesday (14/02) Rumah Zakat distributed the business capital support amounting to 500,000 rupiahs to one of Rumah Zakat’s member, Mrs. Nurrohmah at her residence on WR. Supratman street, Gg. Palem, RW 011, Village Rengas, South Tangerang. She has beverages business.

Indeed, at the beginning she used her brother’s money to be her initial business capital. So that the profit must be divided by the average with the capital owners, which is her brother. If there is a profit of 80,000 Rupiahs, then Nurrohmah just can get 40.000 Rupiahs, a half of it.

With the business assistance and business capital from Rumah Zakat – which was first awarded in November 2016, finally in early January 2017 Nurrohman can run her business with her own capital. And until now, her Take Home Pay per day is amounting to 60.000 – 90.000 Rupiahs, or even more if the buyer is crowded.

“Alhamdulillah Mas, after the mentoring and capital support from Rumah Zakat, my (Pop Ice) business developed. And this business capital assistance I got now, I will use it as good as I can to improve my business. Thank you Rumah Zakat.” Said Nurrohmah, Rumah Zakat’s member at ICD Rengas.


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