RZ LDKO CilegonJAKARTA. Education is an important element for human kind. Every person has a right to develop and improve his/her self potential through education.

In addition, education is also a right for human being. Education is a main factor of national prosperity. However, many children in the world especially in Indonesia who have not attend formal education. A qualified education creates an educated generation who can produce new bright ideas. They can generate innovations that support a sustainable development.

Therefore Adira Sharia Insurance cooperates with RZ to support the improvement of education in Indonesia through various education assistances and one of them is distribution of 1000 school kit for underprivileged children.

Yesterday (26/3), Adira Sharia Insurance and RZ distribute 140 packages of school kit to `140 students in SMPN 156 Jakarta which is located at Kramat Pulo Gundul III/4 Street, Tanah Tinggi Village, Johar Baru District, Central Jakarta.

Susilowati, Project Monitoring and Evaluation Leader of RZ, said that Adira Sharia Insurance and RZ plan to distribute the packages to 8 schools spread in Jakarta namely MA Dewi Sartika Jakarta Timur, SMP Yapensori Jakarta Utara, SMA SMK Siliwangi Jakarta Utara, SMP IT Ar Rahman Jakarta Selatan, SMK Budi Asih Jakarta Selatan, and SMPN 156 Jakarta Pusat. ***

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