RZ BERSAMA LOTTE MART BANTU KORBAN KEBAKARAN DI SIMPRUG SENAYAN Lotte Mart through RZ channeled aid to victims of fires in Simprug golf II Kavling M, Senayan, Central Jakarta (05/07). Assistance provided in the form of school supplies as well as some other basic necessities received directly not only by foster children alone, assistance has been provided to the other victims as well.

Frans Marganda as Store Manager Ratu Plaza expressed his gratitude for RZ help in channeling donations to help the fire victims in Simprug this time.

“Good luck for RZ which has helped victims of the fire disaster Simprug, may always be given health and safety so that in every service RZ can help for those in need,” said Frans after providing assistance to nine foster children of Lotte mart and one mentor who became victims of the fire.

Anisa, one of the foster children admitted sting Lotte pleased with this aid because he could have Eid clothes, school supplies and other daily necessities.

“Thanks to Lotte Mart and RZ which has provided assistance to us who became victims of the fire,” said Anisa, Lotte foster children in 6th grade

Frans hope with the help of fire victims are given fortitude and ease in rebuilding their homes (07/03) which in flames yesterday night.

“Hopefully, the victim given fortitude and ease of rebuilding their livelihoods” He concluded.

A total of 285 families are victims of the fire. The burning house is a densely populated area that consists of RT 10 RW 08, 125 homes burned, while at RT 09 160 houses burned.



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