RZ DAN PT. SAMUDERA SINERGI BANGUN KAMPUNG LESTARI SAMUDERA INDONESIABANDUNG. PT Samudera Indonesia in synergy with RZ in Kampung lestari, on Friday (05/13) the Signing of MoU of CSR Program ” Kampung lestari Samudera Indonesia” held at the branch office of PT Samudera Indonesia Bandung, precisely on Jl. Venus Barat, Kav. 12/12 A Metro Estate, Margahayu Raya, Bandung.

The MoU signing was attended by Mr. Masli Mulia as President Director of PT Samudera Indonesia, Mr. Rudolf Saut as Director of PT Samudera Indonesia, Mr. Nur Efendi as CEO RZ, Mr. Asep Nurdin as RZ Chief Marketing and Fundrising Officer, Mr. Rio as Project Team and Eva Marhaenis as RZ Relationship Management.

The signing of the MoU went smoothly and successful. Both sides hope this program can synergize well. Kampung lestari activities include conservation programs, hygiene and environmental health based on community empowerment or household with 3 cluster program, namely:
1. Community of Kampung Lestari Samudera Indonesia
2. Trash Bank
3. Nutrient Garden

“The aim of this program is to clean up the environment where people live to be more conducive and support environment preservation and health of citizens, increasing the productivity of citizens to perform household waste management and to improve the implementation of clean and healthy lifestyle based on the empowerment of the environment.” explained Mr. Rio as the Project Team.

Kampung Lestari Program will be conducted in Kalimantan, which is RING 1 area of PT Samudera Indonesia.

Newsroom / Putri Mariana Sari

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