RZ PERKUAT RELASI DENGAN REPUBLIKAREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA. Philanthropic institutions, of Zakah, donation and sadaqah,  Rumah Zakat (RZ) visited Republika, on Thursday (01/12). This time, RZ held a meeting with Republika and Republika Online.


RZ ‘s CEO, Nur Efendi, along with a number of RZ new personnel welcomed by Chief Editor of Republika Irfan Junaidi, and Wapemred Nur Hasan Murtiaji. Moreover, this time, the arrival RZ also welcomed by Republika Online Managing Editor, Maman Sudiaman.


“We want to preach kindness to the community jointly with Republika,” said Nur Efendi told Republika on Thursday (12/01).


To that end, he stressed, RZ wishes Republika continues to be a media partner and continue to work together. Nur hopes that the cooperation between RZ and Republika can give more benefits to the community.

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Donation Confirmation