RZ LDKO CilegonJABALIYA. Recently, RZ collaborated with Islamic Society Jabaliya (ISJ) in the distribution of school kits for the students Jabaliya City, Gaza, Palestine. In this program, RZ and ISJ had successfully helped 135 needy students in Gaza. The school kits package was contained of bag, a dozen of writing books, stationery, uniform, shoes and socks. The assistances distributed from September 23 to October 14.

The program was implemented to alleviate economical and psychological burden among Palestinian especially the victims of Israeli military aggressions.

Nur Efendi, RZ CEO, said during the implementation of the program, the program head of ISJ had a daily supervision toward the distribution program to ensure that the assistance distributed appropriately. “We conducted a survey and tight selection to choose the beneficiaries. The assistance was primarily addressed for the victims of Israel bombardment lately,” he said, Thursday (16/10).

As a social organization, RZ attempts not only to help people in Indonesia but also aboard. “Humanitarian action isn’t limited by geographical location as well as sincerity that isn’t limitless,” Efendi said.

Courtesy: http://news.fimadani.com/read/2014/10/17/rumah-zakat-salurkan-kebutuhan-sekolah-siswa-gaza/

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