MYANMAR. Rumah Zakat who is affiliated with Indonesia Humanitatian Alliance again sent Humanitarian Team to distribute Relief to Muslim Myanmar. Having previously distributed groceries to 4750 Rohingyas, Rumah Zakat Humanitarian Team distributed an iftar package to 1000 Burmese Muslims at the Sittwe Refugee Camp, Rakhine State, Myanmar. Distribution was carried out in the mosques inside the camp on (03/06).

In doing this humanitarian action, Zakat House Humanity team must run fasting long enough than in Indonesia, but the weather is also less friendly due to Cyclone.

“Here (Myanmar), when Shubuh had entered at 4:10 pm while the time of opening at 18:55. The first four days here, the weather is less friendly because it coincides with the arrival of cyclone, “said Nurmansyah, Zakat House Humanity Team.

Nurman added that the impact of Cyclone is a prolonged storm rain all day, so there is no activity that can be done outside the room. Even flights that have been scheduled can be delayed two days into the future.

“Alhamdulilah, even though the weather here is not friendly but trust that has been borne must be done well. Hopefully what we deliver brings blessings for all of us. “Add Nurman.

Lailatul Istikhomah

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