SD JUARA CILEGON MENDAPAT BANTUAN DARI PT. MERAK JAYA ASRICILEGON. Facilities and infrastructure is one of the few things that can support the process of Teaching and Learning) so that it can run well and smoothly. Similarly, SD Juara in Cilegon, by the accretion of new class in which also requires some infrastructure that can support the process of teaching that takes place in the classroom.

Alhamdulillah with the help of facilities and infrastructure for SD Juara Cilegon presented by PT. Merak Jaya Asri, the process of teaching in SD Juara Cilegon can take place properly.

On Tuesday (07/26), SD Juara Cilegon received infrastructure assistance provided by PT. Merak Jaya Asri. The assistance is in the form of tables and chairs for student, teacher’s tables and chairs, teacher’s cabinets, whiteboard, student activity equipment cabinets, textbooks, and much more.

All facilities and infrastructure offered by PT. Merak Jaya Asri for SD Juara Cilegon directly used by teachers and students in the learning process that takes place.

It’s very obvious, both students and teachers of SD Juara Cilegon very pleased with the infrastructure assistance. As expressions of happy disclosed by Susanto as principal of SD Juara Cilegon, “I am very grateful to PT. Merak Jaya Asri who have provided assistance for SD Juara Cilegon. With this assistance, it’s certainly very helpful for SD Juara Cilegon. KBM process can run smoothly. And hopefully we can continue cooperation to bring smiles for Indonesia, “he said.


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