sd-juara-jaktim-sambut-meriah-kunjungan-pln-umk-1JAKARTA. On Thursday (10/11), 6 representatives of donator from PLN UMK 1 visited SD Juara Jakarta Timur. PLN UMK 1 is the donator of scholarship for students of SD Juara Jakarta. Marching Band drum percussion music from SD Juara accompanied the arrival of the donators. Together with RZ and school representatives, donators walked into 3rd grade classroom as they saw students’ craft were arranged on a table stand.

Representatives of PLN UMK 1 is greeted by students, do not forget recitation of Al-Quran by Ghoza opened the visit from PLN UMK 1.

“Thanks to some stakeholders, particularly donators from PLN UMK 1, for the visit and the donations that have been entrusted to RZ” said Irvan Nugraha, Division Head Area Network RZ. He also said some students’ achievement, especially Faiq who participated in Athan auditi on Trans 7. Application of multiple intelligent learning in the school

After the speech from Mr. Irvan, 2nd grade student performed a dance with the title “Look at my garden” accompanied by rhythmic music of plastic bottles by 2nd grade students.

After the dance, accompanied by marawis the management representative from PLN UMK 1, Mr. Syahrun Siregar also delivered his speech. After the speech of students back to perform their skill by reading a poem entitled “Donator, my Hero” which successfully make the donors in awe and amazement.
After several performances from students, Mr. Arif Rahman as the representative of PLN UMK 1 presented a presentation about electrical and in the end of the activity, souvenir from students’ craft and the book “I am the champion” by the teacher as souvenirs handed over symbolically to the representation of PLN UMK 1. The event was closed with a prayer for donors and teachers, performed by Ananda Zahra, 3rd grade. After praying, the students along with donators, RZ representatives, and teachers took a photo group session.

Newsroom/Hamidi Agus

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