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Hello, Sobat Zakat! How are you? May Allah SWT give us health so we can utilize His endowment with pleasure and let’s thank to Allah who has given us boundless mercy and blessing.

Alhamdulillah, on last 10th to 13th Dzulhijjah, 1435 Hijria, RZ had successfully implemented qurbani animals slaughtering process of RZ’s partners from Aceh to Papua of even from aboard. We’d like to thank you for the trust. InSha Allah, we will keep maintaining the quality of your qurbani meat and producing high-quality Superqurban corned to be distributed throughout the year and across the countries. We hope that our qurbani implementations are accepted by Him.

Sobat RZ! One of important days in October is the Youth Oath Day. This day reminds us that Indonesia has been established by the youth generation. Indonesian Founding Father, Ir. Soekarno said “give me 10 young people so I’ll shake the World”.

Nowadays, 98% of RZ employees are under 40 years old. Moreover, half of them are under 30. We have strong determination to support the government in empowering people. Thus, Indonesia will become a powerful country.

We are sure that you have the same spirit because one of the sharing essences is to empower. Therefore, we’ll be very ready to be your best partner in empowering anywhere and anytime.

Pray for our accountability and professionalism!

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