RZ PalembangPGNPALEMBANG. PGN Health Car and RZ re-implemented health action in Taja Indah, Banyuasin, Tuesday (12/8).The local citizens were very enthusiastic to participate in this action though it had also been held last year. It was noted that there were 200 beneficiaries that attended this action.

The action was begun by the health counseling that was delivered by PGN and RZ health team. In this opportunity, PGN and RZ provided free health service for the attendance such as bone pain, allergies, high blood pressure examination, and dental care service. In addition, PGN and RZ also provided antenatal, USG service, and supplementary foods distribution.

“We’d like to thank to PGN and RZ for the action. We’re really helped by the existence of the action. Hopefully, PGN and RZ will always be in advance,” Nurhayati (37), a beneficiary, said.

In 2014-2015, Taja Indah has been announced as a member of PGN, thus PGN Health Car will visit it once a month for a year. RZ and PGN Health Car also formed a Posyandu in Taja Indah as Local Health Service Post for the local citizens.

PGN Health Car is scheduled to visit Taja Indah on the 12th of each month and on the 20th of each month for Posyandu action.***


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