#SHARINGHAPPINESS HARAPAN BARU UNTUK LAURACILEGON. Laura Anjanika a little girl who now lives with of both parents, Mrs. Masturoh and Mr. Samani. This small family lives at Link Jerenong RT 13/05 Kel. Lebak svelte, District Citangkil, Cilegon City, Prov. Banten.


This small family given the privilege from Allah, their daughter has an imperfection, Laura has one eye, not normal nose shape, the shape of the face, mouth, hands and feet are not the same as a baby on her age, she does not have genitals, and have no navel. The condition also inhibits the growth of Laura because she could not eat, could only drink with the aid of a hose to supply food into her body.


Before the surgery, she has to reach minimum weight of 15 kg, while Laura weighs only 11 kg and into the category of malnutrition. If she wants to reach your ideal weight, she should take a special canned milk as much as 7 tins in a month that are quite expensive. Seeing Mr. Samani income is only 700,000 Rupiah a month would be a tough to meet the nutritional needs of Laura, besides Mr. samami need to fulfill the necessities of life. Even so Laura parents are determined to fight for the survival of laura.


Alhamdulillah, the prayer of Laura’s parents get a glimmer of hope. Through the web sharinghappiness.org many donators lend their helping hand to help Laura. The assistance provided is milk and fruits to meet the nutritional needs for Laura. In addition, Laura is given educational games to make her cheerful. The aid is channeled on Thursday (12/29) at Laura’s resident.


“Thanks to the generous donors who have helped Laura, may Allah bless you. Alhamdulillah Laura shows good development thanks to the help of all of you. We thank you very much. Laura could not repay the all of your help, may Allah repay your good deeds with multiple reward. Aamiin” Said the mother, Masturoh (36) tearfully.

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