JAKARTA. Rumah Zakat synergizes with HSBC to organize non-formal education program through archery training program in Pejanten East, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. The 6th meeting of archery training was held on Saturday (13/01/2018) followed by 17 participants.

Teenagers attended the training gathered from 16.00 WIB. The material at this meeting is ‘Grouping’ which is the exercise of placing multiple arrows at a single point. Some of the old participants already understand the ‘Grouping’ technique but still need a lot of practice to practice it. The materials for teenagers are adjusted starting from ‘Anchoring’ and ‘Release’ in order to follow. At this meeting the participants were guided by Coach Furqon.

According to Coach Furqon not only the theory that needs to be mastered by a trainer but also a good mentality to be consistent and the ability to be able to provide a good example for the participants. “The best elected participants will have the opportunity to certify and can train other participants in the Pejaten East Archery Training. At the next few meetings will be held mini competition to find the best participants, “he said.

Not only archery training program, Rumah Zakat also organizes hand mailing training (art of drawing letters) in Pejaten East. The 5th meeting of hand mailing training is scheduled on January 21, 2017, people or teenagers in the region can attend the training for free.


Newsroom / Yadi Mulyadi


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