SMP JUARA BANDUNG GELAR DOA BERSAMA UNTUK KELANCARAN UNBKBANDUNG. A number of schools held a joint prayer for the successful implementation of National Exam. Likewise with SMP Juara Bandung, the students and teachers prayed to be given smoothness, especially now the exam is Computer Based, so it must be well prepared, especially in terms of strengthening the server and network.

In order to prepare Computer Based Final Test (UNBK), SMP Juara Bandung held a muhasabah event and prayer together containing motivation and prayer. Muhasabah was held together with teachers, students and parents.

The students of Junior High School (SMP) prepare to attend the National Exam (UN) which coincides with National Education Day (Hardiknas) which falls on May 2nd. The National Examination of Junior High School / MTs will take place from 2-8 May 2017.

“With this event I hope students and parents can prepare themselves well UNBK. Parents should give support to their children by praying and watching them to keep on trying to learn earnestly, because the process will not betray the results, ” Principal of SMPJuara Bandung, Tito Suhendar said, Friday (28/4).

This Muhasabah event was performed solemly and very touching by the teacher of PAI, Mustofa. He awakens motivation and convinces students that every student has the potential to achieve satisfactory value. But it will be achieved with prayer and hard work.

“This event is very positive impact and always done by SMPJuara Bandung every year. It aims to prepare students’ mental “said Nunung Nurrohmah, Vice principal of Curriculum affair as well as responsible for this activity.

The school also involves parents to support and pray for their children to remain calm in implementing UNBK. The students have also been given UN lesson material or tryouts (Try Out) conducted by teachers, either from school or from the Education Office.

The activity ends with shaking hands between parents, students and teachers to apologize each other and ask for blessings to smooth of the national exam.

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