LOMBOK. Sulhaidi, a man who work as a teacher claimed to be ready to become a Rumah Zakat Village Facilitator in Lombok. His experience in the field of empowerment is qualified. In 2013-2016 he had conducted empowerment in Sumbawa and Papua. “I used to do mentoring like this, but the focus was in the field of education” said Sulhaidi.

Sulhaidi, a man born in East Lombok, now lives in Sesela Village, Gunung Sari District, West Lombok Regency. That’s where he will empower the community. According to him, in general the community in Sesela Village is a furniture and cukli / shellfish craftsman. This Cukli is one of the potentials used by residents to decorate furniture chairs.

When viewed from the village profile, nearly 3000 residents work as craftsmen. Village potential in the fields of agriculture, livestock, and trade is also there, but the percentage is only a little. It is the potential of the village that he will try to empower.

Sulhaidi admitted that there was happiness in itself if she could share and do much for others. For this reason, he is ready to become a Empowered Village Facilitator.

“Sometimes it feels dry when our orientation is only to something that is selfish. It’s different if we can give to others, “said Sulhaidi.

His family, especially his wife, had told him to act in the service of the community. “In the past, when I was mentoring in Papua, I reluctantly left my wife and four children. At that time my third child was just born, but fortunately my wife said it all. Thank God, now I am stationed in West Lombok, so I can get together with my family. “He concluded.

Not only in Sesela Village, after the Lombok earthquake Rumah Zakat immediately initiated to build Empowered Village in Lombok, especially in earthquake areas such as North Lombok. Menggala Village, Pamenang District, North Lombok is also one of Empowered Villages in Lombok. Through the facilitator Mustiadi , Rumah Zakat built an integrated Temporary Shelter, built empowered market and various community empowerment activities will be carried out there.



Eti Nurhayati / Lailatul Istikhomah

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