LEBAK. Sharing does not have to be material, sharing can be with anything we can afford. Rumah Zakat is committed to continue providing benefits to the corners of the country. Tuesday, (20/06) Rumah Zakat with Donatur from PT Gapa Citramandiri and Yayasan Miftahul Ulum provided assistance of 200 packages of basic food and 216 packages of Quran & Iqro in Quran syiar program in Kp. Cihaur Village Levi Damar Kec. Levi Damar Kab. Lebak.


The event was attended by representatives of each donator who became partners of Rumah Zakat. H. Zainul as a representative of PT Gapa Citramandiri said that this is a form of concern from employees in his company to be able to share with people in remote areas. “Hopefully this will be a reinforcement to the community, that there are still many who care for them,” H. Zainul Arifin said.


Branch manager of Rumah Zakat Cilegon also said that the activity is as a form of commitment of Rumah Zakat to share happiness to the people of Banten.


“We also say a lot of thanks to the Partner donator of Rumah Zakat PT. Gapa Citramandiri, Yayasan Miftahul Ulum who has entrusted this trust to our institution. May all your good deeds and kindness be a helper in yaumul hisab later and delegated all rizkinya ” Ali Nurhasan Said.



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