MAKASSAR. Monday, (29/05) volunteers Rumah Zakat Makassar again carried out the distribution of Quran. The third syiar Quran (SQ) was held in the town of Turikale Maros, precisely in Balosi Hamlet, Pajukukang Village, Bontoa District, Maros Regency. The location is about 40 km to the west of the city of Makassar. In the third action on the same day as the second, 12 packages of Quran have been distributed. SQ beneficiaries this time are students from TPA Nurul Khaerat.


In the channeling this time there are 40 students who attend and the activities carried out in one of the houses TPA Nurul Khaerat board of trustees. Before SQ activity began, Rumah Zakat volunteers invite students to play games and competitions to mention the pillars of faith and pillars of Islam. It aims to make the students more excited.


The activity begins with the recitation of the holy verses of Al-Quran by one of Nurul Khaerat TPA’s students. Followed by welcome by TPA board of board of trustees, Representative of Rumah Zakat, prayer readings and ended with taking photos with students.


Amri (5) is one of the students was very enthusiastic and happy to see the arrival of Rumah Zakat’s volunteers.  Amri said, “Brother, there are so many Quran and Iqro you brought, can I ask one, brother?.” he said.


TPA Nurul Khaerat also stated the same thing. “Thank you so much for the Quran, Thank you so much, hopefully more and more sustenance we get so that we can continue to make such like this.” Nur Haerati said, TPA Nurul Khaerat.



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